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Thanks to everyone for being sharked!

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Thanks to all who came out to shark and be sharked at the Shark ’em tournament last week. Congrulations to Mike Sr. (Dolezel), owner of Palm Beach Billiards, for withstanding the annoying comments about the room, the food, the beer (or lack of it), the ceiling tiles (or lack of them), and the hearing aid that he turns off when it gets to be too annoying (“Can you hear me, Mike? Can you hear me yet?”)!

Paul, the mob Soprano and best dressed pool player Cerini, finished second, refusing to give up the whereabouts of missing teamster Jimmy Hoffa. And he was finally outed when it was discovered that the supposedly geniune Italian leather shoes that he polishes every day were in fact K-Mart blue-light specials!

Matt motor mouth Kaplan finished a brave third, despite all the gas noise (okay, it was really from the f * rt machine, courtesy of Al Cashwell).

Rumors and requests abound that we may do this again sometime in the not so far future!  Stay tuned.

2012 Top Guns & BB Guns Tournament

Category : Event , Thursday

“Can you hang?”                                       

Thursday, May 10th @ Slate Billiards   Play starts at 7:30 p.m.
(Arrive early to practice and sign up.)

$15 entry. 100% payout. Cash and Top Gun trophy. Entry into the Top Guns Tournament is open to the top 16-ranked players on Thursday night. Any open slots will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis from any other ACS players at the event. So if you want to compete with the league’s top players but are not in the top 16, or do not play on Thursday night, be sure to show up (or email us in advance) as we typically have open spots. This event may be handicapped.

Format:  8-Ball. Race to 3 both sides. (Some players may be required to race to 4).
Modified double elimination:  We will play down to two on each side, then redraw into a single elimination bracket.

Eligible Top 16

Hughes, Jeff    93
Kantar, Sam    89
Filippelli, Chris 89
Borjas, Jesus  85
Nodell, Scott   80
Woessner, Frank  80
Sotelo, Jerry  80
Brady, Bob    80
Cashwell, Al  79
Gordon, Chris  78
Monjiovi, Bryan 77
Peterson, Scott  76
Rodrigues, Rick 75
Sungail, John     75
Haro, Josue       75
Lee, Ken      75

  $10 entry. 100% payout. This is event is open to all 2011-2012 Palm Beach ACS members who do not qualify for the Top Guns Tournament.  Any non-ACS player can enter for $15. The highest finishing ACS member will receive the BB Guns trophy.  (Any player who is eligible to play in Top Guns, either by ranking or known skill level is not qualified to play in the BB Guns event.) This event may be handicapped.

Format:  8-Ball. Race to 3 winners side, race to 2 one-loss side.
Modified double elimination:
  We will play down to two on each side, then redraw into a single elimination bracket.


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