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John Sungail wins Shark’em tournament again!

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Josh Haro finishes second.

Another wild night at the Shark’em tournament! Twenty-two players had the guts to show up and risk getting sharked. Those same players also did a fabulous job of sharking. Thanks to John Sungail for his “how to be a good sharker” presentation. Special kudos to Lynette Grilo, who wins the award for shark of the night!  Thanks to Ken Lee and Led Uittenbogaard for taking pictures.  And thanks to Mike Sr. and Palm Beach Billiards for adding $100. MOST IMPORTANTLY, thanks to all of the players for being a good sport!


John Sungail   $120
Josh Haro  $90
Greg Deaton   $60
Dean Allen  $30
Al Cashwell  $10
Isaac Williamson $10

2015 Shark 'em Tournament!
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Al Phillips wins BB-Guns

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Congratulations to Al Phillips who went undefeated to win the 2015 BB-Guns tournament!


Al Phillips   $100
Kali Boodhoo $50
Lynette Grilo  $30

Jesus Borjas ACS Top Gun!

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For the second year in a row, Jesus Borjas proved he was the TOP GUN in the Palm Beach ACS League! It wasn’t easy, though. The competition was tough. John Sungail, who played strong sending Al Cashwell and Ken Lee west, also sent Borjas west in the third round, making it to the hot seat match against Dennis Searing. Searing got to the hot-seat match winning over Jon Callahan, Jerry Sotelo and Dean Allen. The Searing – Sungail matchup sent Sungail to the one-loss side to play Borjas again.

Borjas had to fight his way back to the hot-seat with wins over Jerry Sotelo and Scott Nodell, both double-hill matches. Those wins put Borjas back against Sungail in a revenge match for the spot in the finals. With three break and runs in the first four games, the match-deciding game was a true test of strategy. Both players had balls tied up, forcing Sungail and Borjas to play safety after safety waiting for the other one to make a mistake. Unfortunately, Sungail fouled when his safety ended up tapping the 8-ball first, giving Borjas ball in hand with one ball left and a spot in the finals.

The final match with Searing against Borjas, in a 5-4 race, found the rolls favoring Borjas as Searing came up short on shape and made a few uncharacteristic misses on the 8-ball. In the end, Borjas took the match, Top Gun title, and cash for the second year in a row.

A few surprises along the way, top league player and one of the favorites to win, Sam Kantar, left the tournament early, losing to Dean Allen and Jon Kellum.  Jon Callahan also got knocked out early, losing to Dennis Searing and Ken Lee.


1st    Jesus Borjas    $250
2d    Dennis Searing   $125
3d    John Sungail    $75
4th  Scott Nodell  $50


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