HANGMAN! This is a bounty game. Every week, players will try to defeat 12 of the top Thursday players (the Dirty Dozen). When one of the Dirty Dozen loses a game, that player will begin to appear on the Hangman stage. The player that wins the game gets 10 points. The player that loses gets a body part.

Cash prizes will be paid to the top two players with the most points in four groups.  Payout also to the top two DD players with the fewest body parts at the end of session.  (DD-This session must play 14 of 21 weeks to qualify for prize.)

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Chris Argenta
Chris FIlipelli
Clive Rose
Edgar Lopez
Greg Deaton
Jeff Hughes*
John Sungail

Jerry Sotelo
Jesus Borjas
Ron Sills
Sam Kantar*
Scott Nodell*
Ty Benfield

PLAYERS SCORES for wins against Hangmen

Roy BertolozziChris A, Scott, Dean, Edgar, Sam. Scott75
Al CashwellGreg, Jesus, Ron, Chris F, Edgar, Ron, John70
Scott BeckwithJohn, Jeff, Jeff, Scott55
Chris GordonJohn, Edgar, Scott, Jerry, Ty55
Orlin TrochezEdgar, Greg, John, Sam, Edgar, 55
Paul OrndoffJohn S, Scott, Sam, Greg, 50
Ariel LandestoyEdgar, Clive, Chris A,  Chris A, 40
Frank WoessnerClive, Chris A, Jesus, John, 40
Lou DeluccaSam., Scott, Greg40
John LoveChris A, Sam, Jesus30
Jon CallahanJerry, Chris A, 20
Paul CeriniTy, Greg20
Al PhillipsJesus, John20
Dean AllenTy, Greg20
Rick RTy, Clive, Jerry, Scott, John, Ron65
Dave GormanSam. Jesus, Chris A, Scott., Sam. 65
EarlChris F, Clive, Edgar, Ron, Greg50
Alicia DeAbreuRon, Jesus, Greg,30
Pat SchneiderTy, Greg, Clive, 30
Cedric AdamsScott, Jerry25
Bob PJerry, Scott25
Stan RodewiczRon, John, 20
Bill SJerry, Edgar, 20
Malinda VasquezJerry, Jesus20
Mimi Greg, 10
Kali John10
Dillon SeupersadJesus, Scott25
Led Edgar, Scott25
Don WalkerJohn 10
Kathy ConnorsChris A10
Dennis HowellJerry10
GregSam, Edgar, Chris A,  Jesus, Jerry, Scott, Chris A80
Scott NChris F, Ty, John S, Greg, Clive, Chris A, Chris F, Jesus, 80
John SSam, Chris F, Scott, Sam, Jerry65
Sam KJesus, Chris F, Ty, Chris A, Chris F, Greg60
CliveJohn, Jeff, Sam, Edgar, Greg, 60
Jesus BorjasJohn, Edgar, Sam., Jerry, Clive55
Jerry SGreg, Scott, Sam, Clive, 50
EdgarJesus, Chris F, John, Jerry, Chris A, 50
Ty  BEdgar, Greg, Chris A, Clive40
Chris AJohn, Ron, 20
Ron  SClive, Jerry, 20
Chris FEdgar10


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