Hangman 2019

HANGMAN! This is a bounty game. Every week, players will try to defeat 12 of the top Thursday players (the Dirty Dozen). When one of the Dirty Dozen loses a game, that player will begin to appear on the Hangman stage. The player that wins the game gets 10 points. The player that loses gets a body part.

Cash prizes will be paid to the top two players with the most points in two groups: 1) 70 & above; and 2) 69 & under.  Payout also to the top two DD players with the fewest body parts at the end of session.  (DD-This session must play 14 of 21 weeks to qualify for prize.)

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The 12 players identified for this session were chosen based on a combination of factors, including handicap, known ability, etc.

Al Cashwell           Jeremy Brooks           Ron Sills
Ed Kiess                    Jerry Sotelo                 Sam Kantar *
Chris Argenta          John Sungail               Scott Nodell *
Jeff Hughes *           Peter Ghostine            Tony Vierra

* extra five points for a win against this player

2019 Hangman

Group I as of 4/11
Paul Cerini100Jerry, Jeff, John S, Peter, Ron, J eremy, Tony, John Scott
Lou Deluca90Sam, Jeff, John, Tony, Sam, Scott Peter
Frank Woessner75Jerry, Ron, Chris A, John, Jeff, Tony, Chris
Jon Callahan65Jerry, Al, John, Jeff, Chris A, Al
Orlin Pappo Trochez60Sam, John, Al, Sam, John, 
Paul Cobb45Al, Ed, Sam Peter
Rob Breslin40John S, Jeff, Sam, 
Al Phillips35Peter, John, Sam
Dan Reller30Jerry, Ron, John S
Greg Deaton20Chris A, Tony, 
Paul Orndoff20John S, Chris, 
Matt Kaplan20John, Jerry
Dean Allen 20Chris A, Tony, 
Ariel Landestoy20Jerry, John, 
Brandon Lee10Peter
Roy Bertolozzi10Al, 
Tim Koffer65Jeremy, Tony, Al, Sam, Jeremy, Peter
Greg Deaton65Tony,Scott, Peter, Chris, Tony, Ron
Bryan Monjiovi60Peter, Ron, Scott, Sam, Peter,
Rick Rodrigues55Ed, Jerry, Tony, Jerry, Jeff
Joe Senich50Ron, John, John, Al, Tony
Royce Rydlun50Ron, John, Al, Tony, John
Bob Pelletier40Tony, John S, Tony, John
Jaimee Fermamdez40Jeremy, Tony, Jeremy, Tony
Ken Lee40Jeremy, Tony, Chris, Peter
Dave Gorman40Peter, Chris, Jerry, Jerry
Neil35Jeff, Tony, Jeremy
Bill Serey30John, Tony, PEter 
Roger Colangelo25Jeremy Scott
Josh Haro25Sam, Tony
Terry Roberts20Jerry, Peter
Kali Boodhoo10Ed, 
Rob Gallo10Tony
Stan40Al, Tony, Jeremy, Al
Len Dwojeski35Peter, Sam, Tony
Lynette Grilo35Sam, Ed, Peter
Jackie Hughes30Jerry, Chris, Al, 
Alicia DeAbreu30Tony, John S, Tony, 
Don Walker25Jeremy,  Scott
Jay Galocci25Tony, Sam
Jay Galoci20Tony, Ron, 
Kathy Connors20Al, Peter
Dennis Howell10Chris 
Peter Ghostine95Ed, Tony, Ron, Chris, Jerry, Al, Jeff, Tony, Chris, 
Al Cashwell90Tony, Jeff, John, Sam, Sam, Peter, Scott
Jeff Hughes90Jerry, Peter, Jerry, Scott, Sam, Chris, Jeremy, Tony
Sam Kantar85Ed, Jerry, Jeff, Ron, Tony, Jerry. John, Tony,
Scott Nodell85Jerry, Jeff, Chris A, Al, John, Tony, Jeremy, Chris, 
Tony Vierra75Al, Ed, Scott, Al, Jerry, Chris, John,
Chris Argenta65Tony, Jeff, Sam, John, Sam,
Jeremy Brooks55Ed, Chris, Sam, Peter, John 
Ed Kiess50Scott, Al, John., Jeff
Jerry Sotelo45John S, Peter, Scott, Chris
Ron Sills45Chris A, Scott, John, Chris, ,
John Sungail40Chris A, Tony, Jerry, Peter


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