TUESDAY is a night geared for good fun, good friends and healthy competition. Teams must have players with mixed skill levels. In addition to having a great time, part of the goal on TUESDAY is to help less experienced players improve their game.

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    • Handicap thresholds for all players 75 or higher, based on last 4 sessions or known skill level – See List of Restricted Players. It is up to the team captains to check this list.
    • Team total handicap changed to 410. No going over the team total.
    • Limit of three players whose handicap is 80 or higher can play the same night.
    • Lowest individual handicap is 45. New players unknown to any team or player will start at 75/male and 70/female.
    • Line up is in order of handicap.
    • Teams exchange line-ups at the same time.
    • You cannot play someone twice during the last two weeks of session.  (Exception if playoffs is during the summer/holiday period.
    • If short players, a team can play only one player twice.  If a team only has three players, the team should contact the other team prior to the start of the match to arrange a make-up match. Alternatively, a team with only three players can play one player twice and forfeit the 5th player’s games.  Failure to show up without notifying the other team will result in a loss of the match and pay league fees for both teams.
    • The session will be 20 weeks in order to maintain the prize fund level.
    • Maximum handicap per round increased to 8 points.
    • Players must have at least 5 matches BEFORE THE LAST TWO WEEKS of session to play during the last two weeks and to qualify for playoffs.
  • Individual awards at the end of session: 3 highest male average, 2 highest female average, Most Improved Player, MVP.  (Must play 66.7% out scheduled weeks to qualify for these awards.)

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    • The format is a race, based on win/loss only, not points. 
    • At the end of session, Captains rank the teams as an “A,” “B,” or “C” team.
    • A v. A = race to 13.  A v. B = race is 13-11.  A v C = race it 13 to 9.  “B” v. “B” = race to 13;  “B v. C” = race is 13 – 11.
  • With 6 teams, the two teams at the end of session automatically make the money and will have a bye the first round of playoffs.
  • In Round 1, 3 plays 6 and 4 plays five. 
  • The winners of Round 1 play Teams 1 and 2.
  • No Best of the Rest this session.
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Generally, the World Standardized Rules apply. However, the league reserves the right to implement or amend rules that will foster league play at the local level. Any changes to the rules will not take affect without reasonable notice to the players.


The format for 8-ball is a 5-person team, round robin play. This means that each team plays five rounds or matches, and each player plays once in each round. For example, in the first round player 1 on team A plays player 1 on team B. Player 2 on Team A plays player 2 on Team B, and so forth until all players have played once. The team with the most points wins the first round.

In the second round, the lineup rotates so that player 1 on Team A plays player 2 on Team B. Player 2 on Team A plays player 3 on Team B, and so forth.


The player who wins receives 10 points. The losing player gets one point for each ball pocketed. At the end of the night, the team with the highest total points wins a sixth round.


The team with the highest team average gives the other team the difference between the two teams’ averages. For example, if team A has a total average of 350, and team B has a total average of 300, then team A must give team B 50 points handicap, or 10 points per round.


At the end of each session, we have playoffs for a trip to the ACS National Championships in Las Vegas and/or cash.