Ball of Fame

PLAYOFFS RESULTS                       pool dude


2022 F         1st  JAMN & UsnHer;  3d  Just the Tips;  SC  Searing Shooters
2022            1st Searing Shooters; 2d Rackers; 3d Us n Her; 4th Jam’n
2021            1st Us n Her; 2d Sams Club; 3d Searing Shooters; 4th Breaking Bad 
2019 Fall      1st Us n Her; 2d Sams Club; 3d  Breaking Bad; 4th Rackers.
2019 Spring – 1st – JAM’N; 2d – Sam’s Club; 3d -Us n Her; 4th – Searing Sooters
2018 Fall – 1st – Searing Shooters; 2d – Jam’n; 3d Breaking Bad; 4th – Sam’s Club
2018  Spring – 1st Place Sam’s Club; 2d – Breaking Bad; 3d/4th JAM’N and US n Her
2017 Summer – 1st Place – Breaking Bad; 2nd Sam’s Club; 3d Us n Her
2016 Winter – 1st Place – Sam’s Club; 2d – Us n Her; 3d – Breaking Bad; 4th – JAM’N
2016  Spring – 1st Place – 2 & Out; JAM’n – (Split)

2015 Fall       1st Place Us n Her
2015 Spring  1st place – Hired Guns
2014 Fall       1st place – JAM’N
2014 Spring  1st place – Us n Her  1st
2013              1st Place – Searing Shooters


2022     1st Bring It; A Little Bit Off Tonight; 3d Chalk It Up

2021  F  1st  Lights Out; 2d  A Little Bit Off Tonight;  3d Chalk It Up
2021    1st  Lights Out; 2d Bring It; SC Chalk It Up
2020 F 1st  Dilly Dilly; 2d Lots of Luck; 3d Lights Out
2019 F:  1st Lots of Luck; 2d Dilly Dilly’ 3d Pool Fools; 4th Break ’em 
2019 – 1st – Sticks & Stones; 2d – Dilly Dilly; 3d – The Replacements;  4th – Break em Up
2018 F   1st – Dilly Dilly; 2d – Lots of Luck; 3d – Break ’em Up; 4th Sticks & Stones
2018  1st  Sticks & Stones; 2d Breakers; 3d Nothing But Trouble; 4th Lots of Luck
2017    1st – Nothing But Trouble; 2d Breakers; 3d All Chalked up; 4th The Replacements
2017  – 1st – Tight Pockets; 2d Juggernaut; 3d – The Replacements; 4th – All Chalked Up; SC – Nothing But Trouble
2016S – 1st – The Replacements; 2d Lots of Lolck; 3d – Nothing But Trouble; 4th Juggernaut – SC – Joysticks
2016       1st – Nothing But Trouble; 2d – The Replacements; 3d – Lots of Luck; 4th – Joysticks; SC – Tight Pockets
2015 S – 1st – Joysticks; 2d – Nothing But Trouble; 3d – Lots of Luck; 4th – The Replacements
2015       1st – Lots of Luck; 2d – Nothing But Trouble; 3d – Sticks & Stones; 4th – The Replacements
2014       1st – The Replacements; 2d – Nothing But Trouble; 3d – Juggernauts; 4th Sticks & Stones
2014 A:  1st – Bust n Balls; 2d -Nothing but Trouble



2919 Fall          1st Give me a Beak; 2d Kiss Offs; 3d Here for the Beer;  4th  Rack n Roll
2019                 1st    Rackers; 2d Just the Tips; 3d PBAW; 4th Cueless; SC Mean  Machine
2018 Fall          1st – Cue-less; 2d Jerry’s Kids
2018                  1st – Jerry’s Kids; 2d Cue-Less; 3d Just the Tips; 4th Here for the Beer
2017 Fall          1st  Lost Boys
2017 Spring     1st  Jerry’s Kids; 2d Mean Machine; 3d Rack n Roll; 4th The Magicians
2016 Fall          1st  Mean Machine; 2d Jerry’s Kids; 3d Lost Boys; 4th The Magicians
2016 Spring     1st   Jerry’s Kids; 2d Lost Boys; 3d Here for the Beer

2015 Summer  1st – Lost Boys; 2d Mean Machine
2015 Spring     1st – Here for the Beer; 2d – Str8 Shooters
2014 Fall          1st – John’s Rackers; 2d – Here for the Beer
2014 Spring     1st – Destination Vegas; 2d – Lucky Break


2022 F            1st  Off A Lot & Grovers; 3d Sam’s Club; 4th Ballbusters; SC No Butts
2022               1st Got Action; 2d No Butts; 3d: Wannabes; 4th Ballbusters; SC Grovers           

2021               1st  No Butts; 2d 3d Place Again; 3d; Off A Lost; 3th Got Action; SC Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
2020 F             1st – 3d Place No More; 2d Got Action; 3d Off a Lot; 4th Ballbusters;  SC No Butts
2019 Fall         1st – Got Action; 2d – 3d Place no More;  3d -Just 1 More;  4th -Lots of Luck; SC  Wannaebes- 

2019            1st – 3d Place; 2d – Wannabes; 3d – Got Action; 4th – Lots of Luck
                     SC – Off A Lot
2018 Fall     1st – Got Action; 2d  Lots of Luck; 3d Overrated; 4th No Butts; SC – Off A Lot
2018 Sprg   1st   Off a Lot; 2d No Butts; 3d Overrated;  4th Lots of Luck
2017 Fall     1st – BallBusters; 2d Overrated; 3d No Butts; 4th Just 1 More
2017 –           1st – No Butts; 2d – Off A Lot; 3d Overrated; 4th Lots of Luck
2016S-          1st – Off A Lot; 2d -Overrated; 3d Ballbusters; 4th Lotta Luck

2016 Feb      1st – Overrated; 2d – BallBusters; 3d – Grey Squirrel & His Nuts; 4th – Off A Lot; SC – Lotta Luck
2015 July     1st – Lotta Luck; 2d – Lots of Luck; 3d Off a Lot; 4th Overrated SC – No Butts
2014 Dec      1st – BallBusters; 2d – Off A Lot;  3d – Overrated;  4th – Lots of Luck; SC – No Butts
2014 June    1st – Overrated; 2d-Lots of Luck; 3d-No Butts; 4th-Flatliners; SC-Off a Lot
2014 Jan      1st – No Butts; 2d-Flatliners; 3d-Off A Lot; 4th-Steelers; SC – Overrated