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*  21 week session with 7 teams. Each team will have three byes.
*  There are no handicap restrictions; however, the lowest handicap is 50.
*  Only ONE person can play twice if a team is short players.
*  All players must have 5 games in PRIOR TO the last two weeks of session.
*  No playing double the last two weeks of session.
*  With eight teams, five will be paid out.
*  Playoff format: Round 1:  1 v 8, 2 v.7, 3 v. 6, 4.v.5;   Round 2:  winners play and losing teams play for second chance.  Finals:  Winners play for 1st/2nd; losing teams play for 3rd/4th.
*  Teams will be ranked during the first part of the session.
*  There will be additional Individual awards – including most improved and others!

Don’t forget to check the restricted list!


Top Guns

The Top Guns Tournament will be held at the end of the winter/spring session.  This event will be open to the top 16 players in the entire league, regardless of which night you play.  The top 16 players who have played the past two sessions will automatically be eligible to play. Any open spots will be filled by those players who have only played one session this year.  Any remaining open spots will be open to any ACS players..


Teams with any combination of skill levels are welcome to play on THURSDAY nights. There are no handicap restrictions. If your team has several strong shooters, you must play in the THURSDAY league. Got a stacked team – bring it on!

The main difference between Tuesday night and Thursday night 8-Ball is the skill level and handicap system.  The rules are the same.


Generally, the World Standardized 8-ball Rules apply. However, the league reserves the right to implement or amend rules that will foster league play at the local level. Any changes to the rules will not take affect without reasonable notice to the members.


The format for 8-ball is a 5-person team, round robin play. This means that each team plays five rounds or matches, and each player plays once in each round. For example, in the first round player 1 on team A plays player 1 on team B. Player 2 on Team A plays player 2 on Team B, and so forth until all players have played once. The team with the most points wins the first round.

In the second round, the lineup rotates so that player 1 on Team A plays player 2 on Team B. Player 2 on Team A plays player 3 on Team B, and so forth.


The player who wins receives 10 points. The losing player gets one point for each ball pocketed. At the end of the night, the team with the highest total points wins a sixth round.


The team with the highest team average gives the other team the difference between the two teams’ averages. For example, if team A has a total average of 350, and team B has a total average of 300, then team A must give team B 50 points handicap, or 10 points per round.


At the end of each session, teams playoff for a trip to the ACS National Championships in Las Vegas and/or cash.  Individual awards are also given.