Rules/Format update

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  • Both teams make their line up starting with the lowest to highest ranking.
  • Players flip or lag – winner selects game (8 or 9-ball) or the first break.
  • Once the game has been selected you play a race to five.
    • If 8-ball is selected as the first game, you play three games of 8-ball then you go on to play 9-ball until the race to 5 is completed.
    • If 9-ball is selected as the first game, it is possible that the match may be completed without playing 8-ball.  EX. If a player wins five games of nine ball.
    • 9-ball is a max. of six games.
  • If no one has completed the race of five games, you go on to play 8-ball. EX. Score of three to three after six games of 9-ball.
  • This is a round-robin format and every player will play the other team’s players one set.
  • No substitutions are allowed.
  • No double playing.
  • Play round in order.  You can start the next round as long as the two players are done with the previous match.
  • DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG.  This format will take the whole 2 ½ to 3 hours to play, depending on skill level of players.  Try to keep a good pace.
  • One time-out per game.
  • Handicap per round will be the difference between both teams then divided by 3.  The last round having the balance of points if it is not an equally divided handicap total.  (Just like 8-ball).  10 points will be the max.
  • Players should keep score with coins on the table.  It keeps both players aware of the score.  After each match, update the score sheet.
  •  If the nine ball goes in the bottom two pockets (closest to rack) it will spot immediately after the break.  It will not be win of game.  If you’re hooked from placing the nine ball you will have the option to push.
  • There is no double point rule. In other words, you cannot play one match and double the score in order to make up a match.  When matches are played in different weeks anything can happen and it can affect the standings of other teams.  Be considerate to the other teams.
  •  STRONG REMINDER that all players must play 50% of the team’s scheduled matches.  Any player additions after the 8th week will be evaluated by the team captains for an adjusted requirement (amount of weeks required to qualify for play-offs).

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PLAY-OFF FORMAT:  (with 7 teams)

The top four teams will play off for prize money.
1 Plays 4, 2 plays 3.
No time outs during play offs.
Player must have played 50% of matches available to the player during session (rule 13).
In case of a tie (2/2)  – Each Team will pick one player to play Sudden Death.             They will flip or lag for the break.  The game will be ONE game of eight ball.