Monday night is a combination of 8-Ball and 9-Ball. Teams with any combination of skill levels are welcome to play. There are no handica restrictions.  Three person teams, round robin, race to 5.


Generally, the World Standardized Rules apply. Modified Texas Express rules for 9-Ball. However, the league reserves the right to implement or amend rules that will foster league play at the local level. Any changes to the rules will not take affect without reasonable notice to the members.


Three-person teams play round-robin, race to five.  The format is similar to the APA US Amateur.  Players lag or flip a coin, and the player that wins the lag or flip gets to choose whether to play 8-Ball or 9-Ball, OR whether to break first.  If the players chooses the game, then the other player gets to break, and vice versa.   The race is to five, so the maximum number of 8-Ball games is three. The remainder of the race is finished playing 9-Ball.  For example, if the score is 2-1 after three 8-Ball games, the race continues playing 9-Ball until one player wins a total of 5 games.  It is possible that if 9-Ball is played first, a player could win five games and 8-Ball would not be played in that case.


Team handicaps are in play and the team with the most total points at the end of all three rounds wins an extra point.  Total team handicap is maximum 8 points per round.  Lowest individual handicap is 50.


A player receives two points for each game won. For example, if player 1 wins three games, and player two wins five games, the score would be 10 – 6.


At the end of session the top four teams at the end of session win cash and are in the playoffs. Second Chance payout depending on number of teams.