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2d Annual Shark ’em Tournament Results

Category : Player News , Thursday

Congratulations to Jeff Hughes who made it through to the top despite all the sharks, sights, sounds and smells!  No one was immune to the distractions, not even Hughes, but he managed to out – shark ’em all.  John Sungail (son-of-gail) made a valiant and shark-worthy effort on this night in the final match with Hughes, and almost stole the show but for a large pair of shark-ettes suddenly staring him in the face as just as he shot the 8-ball in the corner, or close to the corner, that is. Mike “Mickey Mouse” Mignacca finished a respectable third, sharking Marty Gayner who finished fourth.

Thanks to all the players who came out to have a good time for being good sports!  See ya next year!