2016 Shark ’em Tournament results

2016 Shark ’em Tournament results

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Congratulations to Greg Deaton, 2016 Shark ’em winner!  Twenty players bravely showed up to participate in this $100-added annual billiards spectacle – and what a spectacle it was!  Players and  spectators made fantastic spectacles of themselves and others, in this night of sights, sounds and surprises.  Surprising was two-time Shark ’em winner John Sungail getting knocked out two and 0, courtesy of Kim Ross and Paul Cherico.  Sounds of balloons popping, microphones screeching, air horns and just plain yelling (not to mention a few well-timed fart-type sounds) successfully caused a few missed shots to say the least.  However, not even the sights of certain prancing and dancing around the table was enough to get to Deaton!

Thanks to Mike Sr., and Palm Beach Billiards for adding the money to this fun event. And thanks in particular to everyone who came out to have a night of fun and laughs!  See you next year!


1st      Greg Deaton  $110
2nd    Kim Ross         $80
3d      John Love       $50
4th    Bill Serey          $30
5th/6th  Colleen Russell  $15
5th/6th  Rick Rodriguez  $15

 Here’s a few pix!